The Purpose

High School Strength & Conditioning has never been at the forefront of sports. Most schools have teachers coach sports and weight-lifting. These same coaches 8/10 times have no method to weight lifting other than experience. They believe, because they were an athlete in school that gives them the authority to be a Professional Strength Coach.

The mindset the entitled coach is what athletes need to stay away from.

Industry leaders use education & experience to develop their own training systems to win in the weight room and in games. Professional’s don’t borrow or steal programs from other coaches. They know what they are doing. Many coaches in the high school ranks are guessing.

Push4Success teaches student-athletes performance fundamentals for every situation in and out of game play.

We know most parents bring their children into a relationship with sports for teamwork, leadership, and work ethic over fun. We want to instill those principles into our athletes as much as our parents do.

Our motto is “No trophies given, only earned.”